Our Origins…

Humble Beginnings

Our story began with nothing more than a concept, a name, and an idea. We turned those three things into a business and a mission…


Deluxurious Ltd Co is registered in Texas. We are an online retail venue for both new and pre-owned designer and luxury products. We are able to offer these luxury products (typically) for much lower cost than other places like department stores or resale marketplaces. We are able to accomplish this because we were lucky and forged a partnership with a well respected sourcing agent located in Italy (along with a couple of other distributors). 

Because of this; we are able to get designer products straight from their home. We import them and intentionally sell them at lower prices because our mission isn’t to drain clients of their money. It is to offer genuine products at more affordable rates, so that more people can have a chance to have that high quality and unique item that they’ve wanted, but for the most part weren’t able to acquire at reasonable cost. 

Our Mission:

Deluxurious started as a simple idea – An online store that would devote all available resources to insure that

  • 1.) A secure online website that provides industry leading digital security and encryption for all current and potential client’s personal data and financial information with the highest safeguards in place to prevent fraud or theft of information.
  • 2.) To insure that all clients who are seeking high quality and designer products could find 100% guaranteed authentic products without having to worry about fakes or reproduction items being the product that is received.
  • 3) A small business approach, with a devoted team to insure that each client’s shopping experience is a 5-star experience. Available to respond to inquiries and provide assistance with finding what the buyer is looking for and if we do not have that item, to search available resources to attempt to find the desired product or something of similar interest that may suffice.
  • 4.) Make these products available at prices that are fair and that are in most cases less than that found in leading department stores or for pre-owned less than large corporate owned consignment and resale networks.

What We’ve Become…

A full fledged digital luxury outlet, capable of providing authentic products from the luxury designers of the world. We strive to make sure that we provide these products at prices that beat out the competition. We are happy to show you the pathway to more affordable quality purchases so that you sleep comfortably knowing you didn’t waste extra money you didn’t have to!