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Dallas Luxury Excursion - Tiffany & Co. (NorthPark)

Dallas Luxury Excursion - Tiffany & Co. (NorthPark)

We took a trip to Tiffany & Co. on our Luxury Excursion to find out more about why Tiffany has become so iconic. 

We spoke with the Store Manager Roland who was very helpful and provided us with good information.

Tiffany & Co. was founded in 1837 by Charles L. Tiffany. Tiffany was driven and came to have their brand renowned as the "Symbol of Engagement." 

Tiffany & Co. is most commonly known for the Tiffany Blue - which is an iconic and unique color designed and trademarked by Tiffany. If you go out and see the color on a box you immediately would know it is from Tiffany. 

Tiffany is well known for their jewelry and especially their rings. However recently Tiffany & Co. has branched out and even produce lifestyle products of various types that appeal to all types of customers.

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