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bag sizes brand information burberry chanel boy bag christian dior dallas designers fashion finance financial GMT handbags investments jewelry lady dior luxury northpark mall pink retail retail stores ROI sizes tiffany's timepieces watches

Versace Storefront Picture
Dallas Luxury Excursion – Versace Store

We visited Versace at NorthPark Mall in Dallas, Texas on our tour through various Luxury designers to get first hand information about the brand.

As we know, Versace is a staple of Italian luxury. Being considered one of the most iconic and well known for its Signature Medusa logo. Versace, in their various lines of products implement bold and stand out applications of styles. Their typical applications include the use of genuine calfskin leather, although in some product lines such as clothing, you can see implementation of other high grade fabrics and canvas. 

Versace is well known for their use of their vibrant gold which is very unique and iconic which is used in the production of fabrics like clothing.

Versace’s most recent product line is known as “Greca” which was launched in 2021. People typically confuse Greca for the “Greek Key” pattern which is a more vintage style that is still commonly used and loved by many. Although many seem to confuse the two when it comes to referencing the style. We have examples below to give a basic example of which is which.

Grecca Pattern
Greek Key

Versace’s previously released line “Virtus” has also been very successful and has been a trending style type since 2019

Questions were answered by store manager Justin


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