Dallas Luxury Excursion – Yves Saint Laurent

Dallas Luxury Excursion
Yves Saint Laurent

On our Luxury Excursion at NorthPark in Dallas, we took a trip to the Saint Laurent store and had a store employee – Carlos – give us details about the brand and why they are so coveted by so many. 

We started by looking at the handbags. When asking about them we were given information about how they are brought to be. 

Typically with the bags you will see implemented genuine calfskin leather with hardware being in typical gold or silver tones with chain straps that have a matching leather woven throughout. The leather is very fine and soft to the touch.

When asking about some of the most popular items we were told that at the top of the list was the Sac De Jeur – featured below

 Saint Laurent Sac De Jeur in Beige Canvas & Tan Leather
Sac De Jeur Tote Bag

This of course can be understood why it is top of the popularity chain with the brand just by looking at it. But we were informed that following up the Saint Laurent LouLou as well as Envelope Bags were also quite popular. 

Saint Laurent LouLou Handbag 
Saint Laurent Envelope Bag

The St. Laurent Lou LouSt. Laurent Envelope

In another line of products Sunglasses were the next most common item of popularity.