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Shipping & Delivery Information

Shipping & Delivery Information:


Standard Items:

Shipping for Standard Purchases will be sent by USPS Priority Mail if the item is currently in stock.


Items will sometimes have additional shipping options such as 2-Day and Overnight Shipping, but is not always available for all orders.


Total Estimated Time: 2-6 Days



Luxury Import Items:


Luxury Items that have to be imported will be imported first to our address and then will be sent with overnight shipping.


The overall time will be the handling time of the distribution center and then 2-day international. Then the overnight package we send to you.


Total Estimated Time: 5 - 10 Days



Custom Order Items:


Custom Order Items are items that are specially ordered or custom made per your request. This process can have high wait times due to the manufacturing process.


Once your item is received and completed we will send it overnight via USPS.


Estimated Time:  (Varies)