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Pre-Owned Items Now Available

Pre-Owned Items Now Available

Deluxurious will now begin procuring Pre-Owned designer products. Previously we did not list any pre-owned items on site, however due to demand and popular request, we will now begin to list some. 

Deluxurious is partnering with one of the worlds leading resale companies (LePrix)  to insure that you are being provided quality & 100% authentic items. All items will be pre-authenticated and come with a certificate of authenticity from LePrix. 

Deluxurious is serious about quality. So only items that are in very good condition will be considered. A very strict set of guidelines will be put into place to insure that any items accepted to resale meet the minimum quality requirements. 

If you are interested in buying a pre-owned bag, then you are free to do so at any time. Please be aware that on our product pages, there is a special section on the detail tabs for "Condition" that has been added. The condition is only applicable for Pre-Owned items and will not contain any details for items that are new. 

Product page condition tab location example

You can browse our selection of Pre-Owned items by using the Pre-Owned tab on the top menu bar. Any pre-owned items will be found in this section. 

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