Welcome to Deluxurious Online

About us

Deluxurious is an online store focused on providing our customers a safe and reliable online shopping experience that offers wide selections of products from a compilation of leading luxury brands all in one place.



What we do:


Deluxurious is a member of The LuxuryNetwork. We are an online commerce store that procures high-end, luxury, and designer brand products such as fashion accessories (i.e. wallets, handbags, belts), jewelry, cologne and perfume fragrances, home decoration and styling products, furniture, and other general lifestyle products.

While we primarily focus on high-end luxury products, we are able to provide them at lower prices (typically) than retail MSRP's or those of most United States department stores.


You may wonder how it is possible for us to do this?


As a member of The LuxuryNetwork, we have distributors and suppliers that are based internationally in places like Spain, Italy, France, and other European countries. We have the ability to acquire items from these suppliers directly who have contracts with large designer brands and are able to receive certain brand items at reduced prices. We have the ability to purchase these items directly under a Luxury Import agreement. The items are shipped to us and then once it arrives (based on supplier it will either be overnight or 2-day) we ship the product to you in the United States.