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Dallas Luxury Excursion - Burberry (NorthPark)

Dallas Luxury Excursion - Burberry (NorthPark)

Our excursion began with the Burberry Boutique located in NorthPark mall in Dallas, Texas. 

We took the tour with a store employee named Alex who provided us with answers to all questions we requested. 

Seeing as the current season is now moving into Spring/Summer, that is what the store had migrated to. Our primary questions were simple and easily answered. 

When did Burberry begin using the TB logo?

The TB logo was introduced recently in 2019. Has become very iconic since its inception and has inspired various new designs.

Most Famous/Popular items sold?

Trench coats and Check Scarfs - Burberry is one of the original manufacturers of the trench coat styling. 



My Personal observations:

Burberry uses very elegant designs and leather products such as their handbags and other accessories. Icon Designs typically at center with gold hardware tones.

Use a variety of different types of fabrics for their handbags and their clothing lines. Jackets seem to be a type of fleece fabric with the classic check pattern. As well uses of different geometric and standard solid designs. 

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