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bag sizes brand information burberry chanel boy bag christian dior dallas designers fashion finance financial GMT handbags investments jewelry lady dior luxury northpark mall pink retail retail stores ROI sizes tiffany's timepieces watches

Fashion vs. Fine Jewelry & Purchasing as an Investment
There is a difference between fine and fashion jewelry, but what is the difference between the two?
Fine jewelry is luxury jewelry that is made from precious metals like pure gold, silver or platinum. Fashion jewelry, while still beautiful, typically is made by a fashion designer and will more than likely be made out of stainless steel, silver or brass. While still being valuable (based on the designer) this is far different from fine jewelry, but may be equally loved.
A good quality vintage or designer piece can end up being your favorite piece, a precious reminder of times gone by. While fine jewelry is more likely to be something you wear at all times like a wedding ring or a diamond tennis bracelet, which while being a memento can more or less be considered an investment for the future.

If you are determined to purchase an expensive piece of fine jewelry, it is important to asses its likely future value. You don’t want to spend a large amount on a piece that is going to depreciate highly over a short period of time. You want something that will maintain or increase in value. Follow these tips when browsing for your next purchase.

  1. Precious Metals Are Key — Everyone knows that precious metals are the basis of all global financial value. So when you plan on purchasing a new piece of fine jewelry be sure to assess what will give you the biggest return. You want to focus on size:carats and value:karat Size:Carats means you want the size of any jewels to be in a range of cost that is equal to or provides a discount to what market cost would be for the same alone, while Value:Karat means you want the value of the piece to match or be less than the market value of the Karat of the metal involved. For example 24 karat gold or platinum you want the ratio of size and weight to be valued at a discount or less than that of the current market cost. (if possible) 
  2. What’s Your Style? — Jewelry that complements your ensemble or your style sense as a whole will be much easier for you to style on a regular basis. Having a little look through your wardrobe before investing is a really good idea so you can find something that will be practical for you to wear on a common basis.
  3. Get The Essentials — As they say, “The classics never go out of style.” Classic examples of jewelry that are common are band or wedding rings, bracelets, and pendant necklaces or chains. These can be easily integrated into a daily wardrobe and can be just as essential as your handbag or wallet. 
  4. Understand Precious Materials — Making informed choices after knowing the meaning of precious metals and stones, which gold to buy, and different types of diamond cuts can be helpful before making an investment from a financial perspective. So brush up on these subjects before going in for a purchase. 
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Looking For Designer Fine Jewelry?

Everyone has heard of Jared’s and Kay Jewelers. These are stores that sell various brands of fine jewelry from vendors they have contracts and agreements with. It won’t always be a name that you see on TV and may even be unbranded. If you are looking for your favorite designer, you’ll be happy to know there are some luxury designer brands that are either dedicated to or who have branched into making fine jewelry pieces that are available. This includes world famous brands. Some of our most favorite luxury designers are listed below:


Founded in Rome in 1884 by the talented Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari, the brand quickly established a reputation for Italian excellence with exquisite craftsmanship and magnificent jewelry creations. Over the decades, the Bulgari generations defined a distinctive style made of vibrant color combinations, exquisitely balanced volumes and unmistakable motifs that pay homage to the Roman roots of the company. While always revering its cultural legacy, Bulgari introduced innovations that rewrote the rules of the jewelry universe and launched new trends that stood out as icons of contemporary design.

Tiffany & Co.

Charles Lewis Tiffany’s passion for acquiring rare and unusual gemstones paved the way for Tiffany & Co.’s longstanding legacy of discovery and exploration, establishing the company’s reputation as a world-renowned jeweler.

Prior to the mid-19th century, colored gemstones were seldom used in American jewelry. This changed in 1876 when gemologist Dr. George Frederick Kunz joined Tiffany and embarked on a lifelong quest for the world’s most extraordinary gemstones. In fact, Kunz played a critical role in discovering new specimens including his eponymous stone kunzite in 1902, as well as morganite in 1910. 

The Tiffany tradition of introducing exceptional stones continues to this day with an assortment of collectors’ gemstones. From cuprian elbaite tourmalines and Padparadscha sapphires to vivid demantoid garnets and alexandrites, these stones exemplify a vast range of color, rarity and beauty that can only be found at Tiffany & Co


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